Woman caught pleasuring herself openly on Malacca Highway

16 Aug 2019 / 11:43 H.

THERE are creative ways to kill boredom when you get stuck in traffic.

However, a motorist in Malacca appears to have taken ‘creativity’ to hedonistic levels, after she was filmed pleasuring herself.

In a video that has since gone viral a naked woman is seen sitting at the front passenger seat of a car with her legs spread open.

Without shame or embarrassment, she was seen pleasuring herself with her left hand. Perhaps she thought no one would look into the car next to them.

Unfortunately for her, the passenger in the vehicle next to her saw and recorded this incident.

The person recording the video must have been on a taller vehicle like a bus or a lorry, as seen in the video.

The woman must be in such heat that she has totally disregarded road safety altogether, as she wasn’t buckled up.

Wonder whether it was awkward for the driver sitting next to her?

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