A YOUNG woman recently shared her success after working hard, keeping her dream of selling her unique ‘mantou’ buns despite plentiful objections from everyone around her.

The businesswoman told her story on Chinese social media app Dou Yin sharing how she always wanted to sell her ‘mantou’ bun creations after she completed her higher education but her dreams were not well-received by her family and friends.

Even with the lack of support from her surroundings, she was determined to make it big and fulfill her goals of selling her creations.

“My parents wanted me to work at a big company after I graduate but I really wanted to sell ‘mantou’ (pau)”, she said.

After toiling for three years, she finally had a chance to wholesale her ‘mantou’ buns all over China, having everyone there admiring her handiwork.

As she reached the top, she said her relatives came inquiring if she could give lessons on making her style of ‘mantou’ buns to their children as a fun hobby.

She also said that her three years of her persistence and hard work earned her enough to buy a car and a house and she is now looking to buy another house.

“After 3 years, I was able to buy a car and a house. I’m currently looking at a second house and I’m planning to buy it with cash,” she added.