Woman thrown out of home over addiction to Korean dramas

22 Nov 2019 / 11:58 H.

A WOMAN is seeking advice on Facebook after her husband ordered her to leave the house, allegedly over her addiction to Korean dramas.

In a posting in the Kisah Rumah Tangga Facebook group - that was done through her friend’s account – she explained that her husband kicked her out of home due to her addiction to Korean dramas!

In her post, she made it clear that her husband was by no means a bad man. He is a hardworking man who even does the house chores. Together, they have been married for six years and have a one-year-old child.

In a strange turn of events, her husband snapped at her one day when she was watching her beloved Korean drama series. He threw the remote control at her which she fortunately managed to dodge.

He angrily said that she was ignoring him and complained that she watched her dramas until 2am to 3am. He even said she was lazy.

As a result, her husband gave her an ultimatum, to either choose him, or her Korean drama series. He sent her packing home to her mother too!

When she explained what happened to her mum, she received a slap in return. She ended her post by saying how much she loves her husband but she couldn’t bear giving up her Korean dramas either.

While her problems seemed silly, fellow netizens gave her some advice and a minor telling off.

“Wait, Lee Min Ho will come with ideas for you. Even I don’t know what to say. I love Korean dramas too but I make sure to finish all my chores. I work too but I’m not obsessed with dramas like you.”

“So, why did you watch dramas until you ignore your husband. Other people watch dramas too, but we make sure to finish all our chores. You’re so lucky to actually have a husband that does the housework and you’re here creating problems. Just watch the dramas on the weekends sis!”

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