YG Entertainment to remove all nurse costume scenes in Lovesick Girls MV

07 Oct 2020 / 16:26 H.

BLACKPINK’s new music video Lovesick Girls delighted fellow BLINKs but it still couldn’t escape a controversy.

The Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea criticised the nurse costume Jennie wore for following “the typical depiction used for sexual appeal.”

The Union group felt that despite their efforts to reform the issue, YG Entertainment made the situation worse by objectifying nurses in the music video.

BLINKs defended Jennie through social media and didn’t think the costume was an issue.

Nevertheless, YG Entertainment released a statement to emphasize that they had no intention to sexualize the outfit.

YG Entertainment also released an official statement to say they’ll be deleting all the scenes showing the nurse uniform as soon as possible.

Here are some excerpts from the official statement:

“We have decided to delete all scenes that show the nurse uniform in the music video and will be replacing the music video with the edited version ASAP.”

“We spent a long time preparing for this music video and we didn’t expect a controversy such as this to happen as we did not have any specific intentions. We feel a heavy sense of responsibility about this issue and we apologize to all the nurses that felt uncomfortable because of this.”

“We once again express our sincere respect to all the medical staff who are working for the health of the people. Thank you.”

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