Yuna reuploads Instagram photo after receiving misleading comments

It’s just lunch

13 Apr 2021 / 12:08 H.

After much hoohaa over her Instagram post due to misleading comments from netizens, Yuna had to delete and reupload her photo.

Netizens who commented assumed that she was pregnant. In the photo, Yuna held a flower vase with a ‘bulging’ stomach which led to speculations that she was pregnant.

Netizens quickly congratulated her on the now-deleted post. However, Yuna decided to delete the photo and reupload a new one with a different caption.

“Had to repost this again minus all the misleading comments from you all,” she wrote in the caption.

“I’m not pregnant yet, that was just my lunch tummy. Keep praying though, thanks!”

She also explained why she decided to remove the post and reminded everyone to avoid leaving comments without confirmation.

“It might be sensitive for those who are trying, those who are not in a position to have a baby, those who are still finding stability before bringing a human into the world.”

“Much love and Ramadan Kareem, may we all be better people moving forward,” she wrote in the same post.

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