Plogging for a cleaner world

04 Dec 2018 / 12:11 H.

THERE’S a new fitness trend that is bringing jogging to a whole new level by mixing it with environmental activism.

Following the increasing concern about plastic pollution, a Scandinavian trend called “plogging” was born in Sweden in 2016 as a way to exercise while saving the planet at the same time.

Just as the name suggests, plogging is the activity of jogging and picking up trash along the way; a word that merges ‘jogging’ with the Swedish word for picking up, ‘plocka upp’.

It’s amazing how a fitness trend can save the climate and at last, the trend has begun to catch on in Malaysia, materialised by Inviz company as an effort to develop a healthy lifestyle while cleaning up the environment.

In fact, joggers and hikers have always been picking up trash and litter while they’re out on their fitness outings, but now, there’s a word for it.

For people who jog regularly, it’s great to introduce a bit of variety in your sessions. It is simple; when you go out for a plog, it means you’re going out on a regular jog but you’re encouraged to pick up litters by lunging, squatting and stretching.

The team of fitness enthusiasts at Inviz is organising a community run “Plogging in Pink” on Dec 15, 5pm at Jalan 17/38, PJ (in front of Seventeen Condo) on a 4km route.

The pink in “Plogging in Pink” represents the best possible health one can possibly achieve. As we ordinarily would say someone healthy is ‘in the pink of health’. By using the colour pink, Inviz hopes to attract the attention from residents when they are out plogging around the neighbourhood.

Be it young or old, whether you’re up for a challenge or just to have a fun-filled run on a Saturday evening, join Inviz for a wholesome run to make a real difference to the environment.

The fastest plogger and the plogger with the most litter collected will be awarded attractive cash prizes worth RM100 each.

“Plogging in Pink” community run is part of a three-day community event called “Seasons in Pink” to be held from Dec 14 to 16, with plentiful of activities readily set up from 8am to 10pm for everyone including Christmas carolling, live music performances, jumble sales and a recycling fair.

For more information, log on to or register for the run at


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