ON Tuesday, Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner shared a photo to his Instagram Story of a newspaper clipping featuring a picture of himself as a child alongside his mother, Valerie Cearley.

The photo appeared to be published in a local Nevada newspaper back when he received his first Oscar nomination for his performance in 2008’s The Hurt Locker.

“This came to my attention. Love you, mama,“ the Avengers star wrote in a caption above the picture.

Renner also paid tribute to his mother in a heartwarming Instagram post he shared on Mother’s Day.

The actor posted three photos of his mother taken over the years, as he apologised in his caption “for the weight I’ve made you carry” and noted her “grace and strength” in recent months.

He concluded his message with the heartfelt: “Thank you, love you mama ... My rock.”

Cearley has been taking an active role in caring for her 52-year-old son in the months following his life-changing Jan 1 snowplow accident, in which Renner broke over 30 bones and underwent multiple surgeries after his snowplow – said to weigh at least 6,500kg – ran him over while he was helping his nephew Alex get a stuck vehicle out of the snow.

Renner shared a video to his Instagram Story of Cearley and his sister comforting him from his hospital bed in the days immediately following the incident. Since then, the actor has amazed everyone by getting back on his feet in almost-record time, and was well enough to walk the red carpet in April for his Disney+ show Rennervations.

That same month, the actor told Diane Sawyer during ABC’s hour-long special concerning the accident and his subsequent miraculous recovery that it was all due to the strength he gained from his mother.

“I think I’m mentally strong. I don’t know about other people,“ he said, when Sawyer asked if he believes he is “stronger than most people.”

“I know I’m mentally strong, and I get that from my mum,“ Renner added.