When those period cramps kick in, you might want to choose healthier comfort foods

PERIODS aren’t easy. They can cause pain and severe discomfort for many women. That’s why it’s important to maintain a proper diet during your period. This is mainly because an inadequate diet can lead to pain, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and many other symptoms. And because menstruation cramps are so bad, it is important to eat well and take good care of yourself during this time.

Many women are unable to control their cravings and to let go of their bad habits. This means we are tempted to eat more unhealthy foods. However, finding healthy alternatives to unhealthy snacks can satisfy your cravings!

So, if you’ve been through or are going through a painful period, you can review your diet and make some changes. To help guide you along the way, here is a list of what to eat during periods and foods to avoid during the period.

$!Processed food contribute to period pain and cause inflammation. – UNSPLASH

Processed foods

Frozen foods, fast foods, and canned items contain ingredients and preservatives that are bad for menstruation. It can interfere with hormones and increase PMS (premenstrual syndrome) discomfort. Processed foods are also a huge source of sodium, a major cause of bloating and water retention, and are best avoided during menstruation and for a few days before menstruation. This is because we are constantly exposed to a wide variety of foods, it is difficult to tell whether a particular food has been processed or not. However, you should always read the ingredients on the packaging.

$!Spicy food causes bloating - UNSPLASH

Spicy and salty foods

Spicy foods are a big no because you are already burning emotionally on the inside. You may be tempted to eat spicy, especially if you like fried foods and ready-to-eat snacks. Many people find that spicy foods will cause stomach upset, leading to diarrhoea, stomach pain, and even nausea. If your stomach is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with spicy foods, it’s best to avoid them during your period. This is because excess salt can water retention and cause bloating. If you can’t control your love for spicy food, consider healthy options like fresh chilis on your food.

$!Alcohol can dehydrate you, which can worsen menstruation pains. – 123RF


Please avoid drinking alcohol during your period, even if you had a really though day at work. Even though alcohol can provide temporary relief from cramps, but despite the temporary relief, there are too many negative effects that is hard to ignore. Not only can this cause irregular periods, but it can also make menstrual symptoms worse by increasing oestrogen levels in the body. Estrogen is one of the two main female sex hormones that keep a girl’s menstruation regular. It also regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which is very important to maintain for a smooth period process every month. Of course, alcohol is another obvious reason to cause bloating and causes you high discomfort.

$!Fruits are great to stay hydrated. – 123RF


If you’re tempted to combine cakes, ice cream, and even the sweetest things in the fridge, stop immediately and buy some fruit instead. I get it, it seems like an almost impossible task, but let’s give it a try. We never know, you might actually love the option of switching to fruits from the sugary cookies. Fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins that can help reduce fatigue and weakness. The natural sugars in these foods can quench your sugar cravings. The fruit is also rich in vitamins that can help with bloating. Watermelon, for example, also has a high-water content and can help keep the body hydrated, which can reduce swelling and bloating.

$!Eating more protein reduces cravings- UNSPLASH

Fish and chicken

Craving chicken to curb cramps? Good news! This is another iron and protein-rich food you can add to your diet. Consuming protein is essential for overall health and helps keep you full during your period by reducing cravings for food. Just don’t eat too much fried chicken and oily chicken. Stick to dry forms and salads. Meanwhile, if you are someone who loves seafood, fish is an alternative that helps you through all your menstrual troubles. Fish is rich in iron, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, and it definitely nourishes your diet.

$!Dark chocolate works wonders in chasing away those dark PMS moods. – 123RF

Dark chocolate

Saving the last option for the best! Did you take a double-take when you saw the word chocolate? Does this option make all your struggles of having your periods worth it? If you need an excuse to eat more chocolate, here’s a good choice. You can eat dark chocolate completely without guilt! Dark chocolate contains many beneficial minerals such as iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and flavanols. The latter can improve blood flow and relax blood vessels. Dark chocolate is good because it is low in sugar and helps with severe PMS. Not to mention the magic of boosting your mood.