Laughter is truly the best medicine, and will help keep you healthy

ONE of the best things in the world that also brings so much cheer to our lives is laughter. Also, whether it’s a smile or just a slight giggle, laughter completely alters the atmosphere and mood of our surroundings. It can bring people together and make amazing connections. Laughter is a natural medicine that can boost your mood and your immune system and fight stress. We all need a little more joy in our life these days. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to find.

Here are some of the benefits of laughter and how to add it to your life.

Improves our mood

Nothing will be able to help us overcome a bad mood more than a good laugh. Laughter can foster a sense of overall well-being and relieve anger and depression once experienced. A good sense of humour is good for both your happiness in life and your social well-being. The good news is that you can learn. If you learn to laugh at mistakes or make cool jokes, you can start laughing more often and reap the positive benefits. Laughter serves as a good distraction and protects you from negative emotions when you choose to enjoy the lighter side of life.

Relieve stress

Who doesn’t want a little stress relief? One of the interesting benefits of laughter is that it improves our emotional and physical well-being. Not only does it give us mental relief when you laugh, it also lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

Laughter also helps in reducing the level of stress hormones in one’s body. Thus, it will ultimately reduce the anxiety and stress that can negatively impact your body and we are able to feel the relaxation on our shoulders and neck, or a rush of endorphins that quickly improve our mood and reduce stress. Physical release makes our body feel good.

Strengthens relationships

Laughter and smiles connect us. You cannot enjoy laughing with other people unless you have time to truly interact with them. Make it your daily intention to find a reason to laugh. Your positive changes can also affect those around you. This is because you eventually become the person who brightens their day. Shared laughter is good for the soul and builds a bridge between those who share it. People love to be around people who laugh, and this is really contagious! By making laughter a part of your daily life, you will not only experience the benefits of laughter, but will also strengthen your social relationships. Laughing with friends, family, or co-workers makes you feel more connected with that person and you will both feel happier and are able to build strong lasting bonds.

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Increases social interaction

Laughter connects us to others. Just like how smiles and kindness make other people feel comfortable around you, most people think laughter contributes to the same reason as well.

So, by bringing more laughter into your life, you can help others laugh more as well. By boosting the mood of the people around you, you are helping lower their stress levels and, in a way, improving the quality of your social interactions with them!

Better long-term health

Laughter makes us feel good. This positive feeling remains with us even after the laughter comes to an end. These amazing benefits of laughter can help us in the long term. Negative thoughts appear as chemical reactions that can affect the body, putting more stress on the system and lowering immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more serious illness.

Here are some ways to add laughter into our lives:

Find humour in Your Life

Understand that you can “look back and laugh” if something is funny because it’s so upsetting. Think about how it will sound like a story you could tell a friend and see if you can laugh now. The situation back then would have been so depressing but when you actually think about it, it was just something silly that happened months ago. This attitude may make you find yourself more indifferent, giving yourself and those around you more reasons to laugh. A more pleasant approach to life will make you less anxious about negative events.

Take advantage of funny media

There is no limit of entertainment to make you laugh with movies and TV comedy series available to stream at home. Watching really fun movies and shows is an easy way to make you laugh when you need it. You can share your recommendations with your friends, and you will have something to reference and laugh over together. Follow meme accounts that will make you smile everything you go on social media. Funny memes go viral for a reason.

Watch a live comedy show

Going out with friends and family and even colleagues after work is a great way to get more laughs in life. The contagious effect of laughter can mean that you’ll laugh more during the show than you would otherwise, and you’ll also have jokes to refer to later. Making time for this type of entertainment is just as important as any other lifelong habit you maintain to stay healthy, and it’s probably far more enjoyable than most health-related habits.

Well, try it. Do you feel more relaxed or energised after a good laugh? Well, that’s the miracle of laughing.