LEGO Optimus Prime set to arrive in June

TRANSFORMERS fans can now look forward to getting their hands on a LEGO set featuring Optimus Prime, the beloved leader of the Autobots, which is scheduled to arrive in June.

LEGO’s collaboration with Transformers will allow fasn to create Optimus Prime from the set, which comprises 1,508 individual pieces. However, there is no information if Optimus Prime will be the one and only Autobots turned into a LEGO set, or if there will be more Autobots.

It is reported that the design is based on the character’s G1 appearance, stands tall at 35cm, and is able to transform from truck to robot, without changing the form. The LEGO set is categorised under LEGO for Adults.

Optimus Prime’s voice was given by Peter Cullen in the original 1980s cartoon and the movies. The latest movie Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is expected to hit movie theatres in 2023.

Fans can check out the upcoming set on the LEGO website here.