Indulge yourself in NACIFIC’s products for a radiant complexion

TRYING to keep up with beauty trends can be a hard task, especially when social media exists. For this reason, the idea of beauty constantly changes. We used to have a 10-step skincare routine, but, with the advanced technologies that we have today, most of the essential skincare ingredients are now incorporated into one product. Thus, making our skincare routine simpler and easier.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Korean beauty (K-beauty) brands dominate the international market and become cult-favourites, especially in the beauty community.

As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve always trusted and been a fan of Korean skincare products. Mainly because these products are often infused with harsh-free ingredients and are highly effective.

To illustrate, NACIFIC is a popular Korean brand that is gaining worldwide attention in the beauty industry.

With “the Beginning of Natural Beauty” as its tagline, the brand aims to create naturalistic products for healthier skin using valuable ingredients derived from pure nature based on scientific proof. Thus, its products are recommended for those with sensitive skin.

One of its best-selling products is their Fresh Herb Origin Serum, also known as the ‘curse serum’ due to its presumed painful effects. The tingling sensation that one experiences is due to the citrus oils that are incorporated in the serum to tighten pores and repair skin damage.

While some find this intimidating, it is said that the sensation that you experience is a result of the product doing its magic. The more damaged your skin barrier is, the more you’ll feel it.

After using NACIFIC’s Origin Toner and Origin Serum from its Fresh Herb line, I noticed they had a brightening and glowing effect on my skin.

While I did experience a slight tingling sensation during the first application, it disappeared after a few uses. The products had a watery texture that feels light on my skin.

The presence of calendula flower and camellia perfectly encapsulates the floral juice in the products, and left me feeling fresh after application.

Furthermore, the serum is infused with soothing ingredients such as aloe leaf water, turmeric root extract, and, most importantly, free from any alcohol and parabens, perfect for sensitive skin.

NACIFIC recently appointed Stray Kids, JYP Entertainment’s first million-seller in the K-pop industry, and Billboard’s No.1 chart-topper with OH, NOEASY, and Thunderous, as its new ambassador. The South Korean superstar group’s healthy and bright energy perfectly depicts the brand’s concept.

$!Positive energy shines through with Stray Kids. - NACIFIC

NACIFIC launched an event on e-commerce platforms and provides complimentary Stray Kids’ photo cards when you purchase a product from NACIFIC Official stores. The brand is now expanding worldwide by introducing various products including Fresh Herb Origin Line, Phyto Niacin Whitening Line, and Real Floral Line.