Let yourself relax

Here are some fun and calming exercises you can do when stress gets too much for you

19 Apr 2021 / 10:25 H.

Complete a brainteaser

Solve a puzzle, crossword or enjoy a set of Sudoku. The focus you devote to these brain-teasing activities can take your mind off your worries and would give you a clearer solution to a problem.

Sing or dance

Whether you have a solo singing session in your living room or join a dance class, singing or dancing (or both) to music is a good way to unwind and boost your mood.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and need immediate relief, try acupressure. It is a self-massage therapy that helps balance your body’s circulation of fluids and energies. Use your thumb and index finger of your right hand to massage the soft area between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. After two to three minutes, switch and repeat. You can also use calming essential oils such as lavender for the massage.

Take a nap

Sometimes when you are feeling stressed, the thing you need most is sleep. If your mind is still buzzing with thoughts after you have gone to bed, play some calming tunes, and put your phone on aeroplane mode. Then slowly tense and release one muscle at a time. You should soon be able to drift off.

Whatever method you choose to start with, the important thing is to be consistent. Eventually, you may be able to advance from one hour of relaxation exercise a week, to a daily routine. Allowing yourself some relaxation time helps to remind yourself what is most important in life – your health and well-being.

$!Listening to instrumental music is a good way to help you focus and calm your mind.
Listening to instrumental music is a good way to help you focus and calm your mind.

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