All for a good cause

Malaysian Indian actress Krithigah Nair is doing her bit to help cancer patients

24 Feb 2021 / 07:00 H.

“Small gestures can create a big impact.”

True to these words, Krithigah Gunaprakas, popularly known as Krithigah Nair, took a small step towards a big cause.

The actress, known for her fashionable hairstyles and different hair colours, recently made the bold move to cut her lustrous hair and donated it to create wigs for cancer patients.

By cutting her locks, Krithigah wants to raise awareness on the importance of hair and also instil confidence among women cancer patients who are faced with hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy.

From sharing hair care tips on an Instagram page to sporting multiple styles, from soft curls to straight hair to purple highlights, Krithigah has always stood out in the crowd and she hopes her move will inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

The 26-year-old model, dancer and host, became an actress at the age of 16 after she was approached by a director to act as the female lead for a telemovie titled Nee. Since then, she has acted in films, drama series, short films and telemovies.

“Acting is my passion. It’s everything to me and I love acting more than anything else. Becoming an actress was definitely by chance and now, it has become my career,” said Kritigah.

Krithigah hopes to raise awareness on the plight of the less fortunate. – PICTURE COURTESY OF JEEVAN VIDEOGRAPHY
Krithigah hopes to raise awareness on the plight of the less fortunate. – PICTURE COURTESY OF JEEVAN VIDEOGRAPHY

What motivated you to cut your hair and donate it to cancer patients?

I have seen many pictures and videos of people suffering from cancer. It’s a major illness and it affects people so much, physically and mentally. I wanted to make them happy by sharing what I have.

Why do you feel cancer patients need hair or wigs?

During chemotherapy, it is known that hair loss or going bald are among the major changes they go through. I believe hair gives extra confidence to a person. When they lose their hair, it decreases their self-esteem. Hence, I decided to donate my hair.

Why do you want to raise awareness about donating hair for cancer patients?

Many people don’t know much about hair donation. Most of us, especially girls who have long hair, tend to cut our hair that will go to waste. By donating hair, cancer patients will be able to have a wig. It costs almost RM800 to make one natural hair wig. So, by doing this, we will be able to help them to gain their confidence again.

What inspired you to volunteer to distribute food for the homeless during the movement control order (MCO)?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a life-changing experience for all of us. The poor became poorer. When I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at Segi College KL, I realised that there were homeless people sleeping on the streets every night.

During the first few days of the MCO, I thought about those homeless people and I felt that they may not have had any food due to the closure of shops. Meanwhile, no one was allowed to go outside. They need food to survive, too. That’s why I decided to join as
a volunteer to distribute food.

What are your future plans?

Currently, I have two drama series, one telemovie and a hosting programme. At the same time, I want to help more people with what I have and raise awareness among others. Let’s do our best for those who need help.

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