Clearing out the bad energy

18 Apr 2019 / 11:00 H.

BY S.BS. Surendran

THE MAIN tenet of feng shui is to create a harmonious place, hence it is very important to ensure a flow of positive energy in a home or office.

If the place of dwelling ‘feels’ healthy and happy, that energy will cause the occupants to inevitably become healthier and happy too.

You may have observed that at times when a happy person enters your home, he or she carries in an energy which transforms your space, and makes it ‘feel’ happier and brighter.

The fact is that we are in a constant energy exchange with everything that surrounds us and our place of living. This means that the people, animals, buildings, trees, and so on, all have a direct influence on the kind of energy that is exerted on a place or its occupants.

The more we are able to understand that energy and our surroundings from a feng shui perspective, the more we can achieve in terms of establishing a healthy and nourishing relationship with our home.

This ensures that we have a balance in all aspects of our life – from relationships to love, career, and wealth – so that everything falls in place magically.

Your home has a soul and is like a living being, hence you should connect to your home the way you would connect with a person.

Listen to your home’s energy and ‘feelings’, pay attention to the quality of your home, both structurally- and ‘feel’-wise. Ensure that you do not neglect the home, and strive to make it attractive and aesthetically pleasant. Like the human body, the building also needs attention.

Pay special attention to any unpleasant energy, or ‘pain’ points in the home that can block the flow of positive energy into it.

Do this by looking at each of the important compass directions, specificaly the areas of the home which correspond to the compass points.

For example, the East represents health and family, hence if the East area of the home is affected, it hurts this aspect of the occupants’ lives.

Also be cautious of negative energies, and things which may hurt the energy of your home.

Take note of some of these important aspects:

-> Avoid negative or sad images. Displaying empty bowls, urns, or aggressive animals is considered bad. These are considered ‘yin’ objects and could create all kinds of difficulties, from low income, to low vitality and relationship issues.

Pay attention to what kind of images are allowed into your place of dwelling, and see if they should be retained or eliminated.

-> Keep shoes confined to entrances and exits, so that their energy doesn’t track negatively throughout the house.

-> A home that suffers from bad odours will also suffer from bad feng shui.

Houses that are closed up and never aired properly will trap musty odours, and this will bring down the feng shui of your home, and will press down the positive energy.

-> Do not just hide the mess in your home. Having a house that looks good on the outside, but has every drawer, closet, and dresser stuffed with useless stuff and junk plays tricks on both your mind and the feng shui of your home.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, bioenergetician and traditional vaastu practitioner. Readers can contact him at

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