Fuelling a record

08 Jul 2019 / 11:07 H.

DOI CHANG is a mountain located in Thailand’s Chiang Rai Province. It is well-known for its coffee, touted to be the best in Thailand.

But this mountain, with an elevation of 2,175 metres above sea level, can now lay claim to another fame: as the site where a new Guinness World record was set.

On March 14 this year, a new world record for the fastest ascent up Doi Chang mountain in Thailand was set by American-born Natasha ‘Chiney Dolly’ Chang from Jamaica.

Her race against the clock and fellow competitor DJ-cum-racing enthusiast K.C. Montero up the 1,000m steep and winding mountain road was documented by National Geographic in a two-part episode of Record Rides that aired on June 23 and 30.

And Chang, a race car driver of Puerto Rican-Chinese descent, set the record of six minutes, not in a souped-up sports car or performance car powered by superfuel.

Instead, Chang did it in a 28-year-old ‘normal’ 1600cc Honda Civic Hatchback powered by just RON95 Caltex with Techron and Clean & Glide Technology from the local petrol station.

So, we have to ask Chevron Malaysia how its fuel, Caltex with Techron, manages to power a simple production car to this record feat.

When it comes to the technology in Caltex with Techron, the best man to answer this question is Chevron product engineering manager Greg Engeler who worked on the launch of the fuel across Asia in 2006.

Engeler notes that since last year, Caltex with Techron has come with Clean & Glide Technology.

He adds: “Caltex with Techron and Clean & Glide Technology cleans a car engine to make it run like new, therefore, improving performance and fuel efficiency.”

In the case of the challenge, it not only improved the performance of Chang’s old-modified Honda Civic but also maintained it throughout the challenging climb.

“It also lubricates the engine, especially in areas where the engine oil can’t get to, for example, around the piston head,“ Engeler says.

“To the everyday driver, this means fuel savings, less wear and tear on your car’s engine, and reliable performance.”

For Chang, the race was challenging for both car and driver. The road up Doi Chang mountain was especially treacherous in the second half of the race.

She recalls: “We didn’t have much time to prepare.

“This was what we would call a hill climb (in the industry), and I had never done one before. I approached it with the knowledge of what I knew, which was rally racing.

“Usually in a rally race, we get to study the road, have a navigator on board, and are prepared.

“[At Doi Chang], all I knew was that the road was narrow and extremely windy. I also knew it was a concrete road which made it extremely slippery.”

Caltex ambassador Hans Isaac, who has been honing his experience driving various types of cars in a variety of races in the reality TV series Celebrity Car Wars, knows that a simple thing such as choosing the right petrol for your car can make a difference.

“What I look for in a car when I drive or when I race is how smooth it runs,” he says.

“You can feel it when you grip the wheel and start the car. And I feel the difference when we changed fuels.

“I would not back something I don’t believe in myself. So if you are looking to fuel up with the best for your car, it’s Caltex with Techron and Clean & Glide Technology.”

Engeler adds: “There is no need to empty your tank first, just fuel up and you’ll feel the difference, especially in the long run.”

For even better performance, he advises adding Techron Concentrate Plus into the car’s fuel tank before topping it up with Caltex with Techron. “This will clean up your engine first.”

Engeler also says this additive offers the same benefit whether you are using RON95 or RON97.

In fact, he adds, what’s more important is that you pump the petrol with the right octane for your car.

“Because Malaysia follows European standards, emission levels of cars are measured using RON95. Check your car’s user manual to find which octane is best suited for your car.”

Using a higher octane, does not always translate to better performance. You might end up paying more for nothing.

“If you use the wrong fuel for your car, it might even cause more damage,” adds Chang.

Caltex with Techron and Clean & Glide Technology and Techron Concentrate Plus are available at most Caltex petrol stations nationwide.

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