New look, same beloved taste

20 Aug 2019 / 14:17 H.

INSPIRED by Carlsberg brewery founder J.C. Jacobsen’s pursuit of better and with a brand history that dates back 172 years, Carlsberg Malaysia – which marks its 50th anniversary in the country this year – recently unveiled a revamped look and design for its range of popular brews.

The refreshed Danish-inspired identity was officially launched at Marimbar The Rooftop Bar in Petaling Jaya last Friday (Aug 23).

The updated modern design for Carlsberg and Carlsberg Special Brew features practical betterments while keeping the same fond taste of the beers.

A new cleverly-designed fresh cap comes with a scavenger liner that absorbs oxygen from the Carlsberg bottles, giving drinkers a fresh taste to the brew that lasts five times longer, while folks who prefer their beer served in a glass will appreciate Carlsberg’s new and better, stemmed glass.

The glasses are engraved with a hop leaf-shaped nucleation stamp – meaning it helps generate and retain more foam. More foam means the aroma of the brew is kept for longer after being poured into the glass.

Meanwhile, Carlsberg six-pack cans now come in an easy-to-open, perforated plastic packaging that makes it so much easier to tear through the wrapper with the hands to get at the cans.

“At Carlsberg, we care about how our beer is made and enjoyed, a constant ‘pursuit of better’,” said Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Ted Akiskalos at the launch event.

“From our yeasts and barley, to our packaging and glassware, we believe it must always be possible to do things better, and this new look and feel for Carlsberg represents our ongoing commitment to do so.”

The brand has seen many milestones since its inception in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carlsberg’s efforts in elevating the art of brewing notably began with the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875, where perfecting malting, brewing, and fermentation became its focus.

Scientific research by Emil Christian Hansen, a scientist working with the laboratory led to the development of the world’s first pure yeast strain – Saccharomyces carlsbergensis – in 1883.

Danish chemist S.P.L Sorenson also introduced the pH scale while working at the Carlsberg Laboratory.

Today, the laboratory continues to strive towards quality ingredients and improved brewing processes in its operations all over the globe.

“This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our establishment in Malaysia and are proud to brew Carlsberg to the same international standards in our Shah Alam brewery,” said Akiskalos.

“While the brand looks modern and new today, our beer is still brewed with the same natural ingredients and the same attention to quality that gives Carlsberg that same great taste.

“Carlsberg just keeps getting better with its new look, for the same great brew!”

Visit the Carlsberg Malaysia Facebook page or website to learn more.

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