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Jihan Muse is back doing what she does best, entertaining her many fans

21 Sep 2020 / 10:27 H.

NEVER in her wildest dreams did Jihan Muse think she would be where she is today. From her humble beginnings working as a technician for Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA), Jihan (born Nuur Jihan Musa) took a leap of faith in 2009 and became a contestant on the third season of the highly-rated comedy series Raja Lawak, and emerged the runner-up.

From then on, Jihan showed the rest of the world that she is a born entertainer, constantly leaving viewers in stitches with her antics and rapier-sharp wit.

She is also considered the undisputed “parody queen” thanks to her ability to mimic various artists on the Parodi (parody) segment of TV show MeleTOP.

Prior to the interview, we were told that Jihan was already back at work.

When asked how she was coping with the ‘new normal’, Jihan said: “Of course I was nervous about the new normal, and how during the lockdown we were not prepared for anything. When it was time to return to work, I was not mentally prepared. I was always cautious and thinking of what could put my family in danger. After going out two or three times, I felt okay again because the production people were following the SOP. So I felt confident again.”

When asked if she felt bored staying at home, Jihan said: “Honestly, I wasn’t bored at all because I got to spend quality time with my family. I got to be with my husband, children, my mother and siblings during this time. Prior to this I was always busy with work.”

Jihan said it was not difficult for her to adapt to the new normal as she trained herself to follow the advice of the government.

Jihan attributes her success to all those who supported her throughout her career. – COURTESY OF JIHAN MUSE
Jihan attributes her success to all those who supported her throughout her career. – COURTESY OF JIHAN MUSE

“We need to be aware that there is a virus that we can’t see. I had no difficulty adapting, not just for myself but for my family. The hard part was worrying about others who were not following the SOP. If everyone felt the same and followed the SOP, things would be easier. I am happy that in this new normal, everyone seems to be looking after their cleanliness, health and each other.”

Jihan is currently doing new parodies for MeleTOP every Monday, and just finished recording for season 3 of I Can See Your Voice. She also began shooting the second season of Keluarga Baha Don that is scheduled to air later this year.

Her performance in the first season of the show earned her the Best Comedian award from the Asian Academy Creative Awards earlier this year. She is naturally touched by the honour.

“Firstly, I am grateful to have been given this award. However, I actually don’t feel I would have gotten it if it wasn’t for the cooperation of the cast, and the ideas by the team behind Keluarga Baha Don as well as Viu. It was the coming together of all those involved in this series that enabled me to get the award for playing Kesuma, who is in fact a very interesting character.

“This character enabled me to explore my other inner talents. So thank you to all those involved in giving me the character of Kesuma.”

Reflecting on her humble beginnings, Jihan said one must be brave to take that first step.

“Ten years ago I would not have believed I would be where I am now. If we don’t try something new, we won’t see the results.

“I am not trying to be self-centred, but I believe whatever I have achieved is bestowed by Allah.

“Other than talent and luck, I also think prayer is important. I am always grateful and will always give my best where my career is concerned, so that I can do what I am really interested in and entertain my fans.”

To her fans, Jihan’s message is: “Thank you for supporting my career since 2009. Thank you to all those who believe in my talent and continue to support me. Pray for me, okay!”

$!Jihan is living a life beyond her wildest dreams. – COURTESY OF JIHAN MUSE
Jihan is living a life beyond her wildest dreams. – COURTESY OF JIHAN MUSE

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