Movie review: Spider-Man Far From Home

05 Jul 2019 / 09:26 H.

IF YOU have been watching all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or you need a palate cleanser after Endgame, you should just go see the film.

But, if you are thinking of watching it just because you saw the first one, there is a caveat.

Spider-Man’s latest solo adventure has more in continuation with Infinity War and Endgame, with a touch of Captain Marvel, rather than the web-headed wizard’s previous solo adventure.

I even forgot the name of the villain from the first movie while writing this review. It is that far from home. (It’s The Vulture if you are still wondering.)

In the MCU, Spider-Man (the current incarnation) is the youngest and most down-to-earth Avenger. We all are familiar with his superpowers, but in here, we see his most exceptional and most underrated ability of all – his relatability.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is not the Invincible, the Incredible, the Mighty, nor does he guards the galaxy.

He is just a 16-year old who happens to be your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. All he wants to do is impress MJ (Zendaya) on a school trip, but the ghost of Tony Stark’s legacy won’t leave him alone.

For comic-book fans, Spider-Man: Far From Home conforms to everything we know and love from the comics. Yet it still has its cinematic twists and surprises for us which keeps things interesting even if think you know what’s coming up.

The best part about it is the movie doesn’t cheat. The clues are everywhere.

I enjoyed the depiction of teenagers, relationships, and drama in this film. Peter has great powers and with it comes ... well, you know the rest, and it weighs heavily on his shoulders. He’s had to make many tough decisions.

Acting points go to Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. He transformed this C-list villain into a memorable multi-dimensional character.

Points also go to Samuel L. Jackson, who reprises his role as Nick Fury in this movie.

You should definitely stay for the mid-credit and after-credit scenes. When the light came on, I was excited for the sequel – and left with a feeling of deja vu.

The cut of Spider-Man’s new costume, the white on his back, and the whole emotional arc of the movie reminded me a lot of 2018’s PlayStation 4 exclusive action-adventure game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. If you played that game, you’d know what I mean.

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