Chasing his dream on the green

Young up-and-coming pro golfer Kiish Lingam might just be our answer to Tiger Woods

19 Feb 2019 / 11:44 H.

Kiish’s dad was advised by his doctor to be more active, and decided to take up golf at his local club. He began bringing along his youngest child, the only boy after three older sisters.

However, it was young Kiish who became passionate about the game, and is now making a career out of it.

The now 21-year-old Kiish has been playing professionally for the last three years, and has taken part in several professional golf tournaments in Malaysia and abroad.

Kiish will be competing in the PGM Darulaman Championship in Kedah, which starts tomorrow till this Sunday, as well as in two Asian Development Tour tournaments in Johor in March.

How old were you when you decided you wanted a career in golf?

“I started out at age nine. It was something I could compete against my dad. It turned out to be something to look forward to after school.

“As time passed, I got more passionate about the sport and started taking it seriously. I started entering tournaments and trying to play the best golf I possibly can.”

Was golf the only sport you picked up?

“I used to play football and athletics before I picked up golf.”

Who is your biggest supporter when it comes to golf?

“My dad, no doubt.”

How do you prepare yourself mentally for tournaments?

“When I watch the players on TV, I try to put myself in their position mentally and imagine what I would do at that moment.

“Whenever I am on the course, I try to do the things [I have already] gone through [in] my head (while watching a similar situation on TV).

“In this way, I don’t get shocked or surprised.

“I look at it as a fun way to play, and not concentrate on what other players on the course are doing at that moment.”

Most golfers don’t look like they diet or exercise. What about you?

“On the nutrition side, I am not really there yet. But I do a lot of exercises such as core exercises, gym work, cardio, cycling, jogging and swimming.”

What do you think is the hardest thing you have had to overcome as a young golfer?

“It is probably playing golf professionally at a young age, and watching others who are the same age as me going to college.

“Then, there are my expectations when I play against the best in the world. When I go into a tournament as a wild card, I am actually going up against their years of experience.”

People associate golf as a rich man’s game.

“I would agree with that. When you start playing golf competitively, you need some people behind you to give financial support.”

What would you consider your biggest weakness?

“My expectations on people. When I need someone, I expect them to be there.

“In terms of playing golf, sometimes when I see others playing better than me, I tend to get angry with myself as to why I am not playing as well as them.”

If not for golf, what would you be doing?

“I probably would have gone into football.”

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