Counting her many blessings

18 Apr 2019 / 10:52 H.

WHEN your blog is called oh{FISH}ee, you know whoever runs it must have a certain sense of whimsy. However, Fish Fong (Fish is her nickname, while her given name is Sze Hui) is surprisingly serious about her regular job, which is being an accountant.

Still, Fong knows how to enjoy the good life when she shares her views on food, travel, fashion, beauty, and sometimes even tech, on her blog.

While chatting over some hot tea, Fong said that the idea to start a blog came to her in 2009, when she had just finished her secondary school education and was preparing to go to university.

She finally kicked off her blog in 2010, after she finished her National Service, and decided to share her experience at the camp with the world.

Turns out a lot of people were interested in what she had written, and before long, she had received her first invite to attend a food review at a hotel that was showcasing its Chinese New Year buffet.

What was it like doing your very first food review?

“I was wondering how this person got my number, but I decided to check it out and meet these people. I actually had no idea what to do (laughs).

“There were many events over the years and there were also personal reviews, such as when I travel on my own, and I share my experiences. That led to many more invites.”

You also cover other things in your blogs. How did that happen?

“Initially I started with food blogging, and after a while I sort of shifted to beauty product reviews, or sharing the latest trends.

“At that point I was even doing ‘tech stuff’ such as reviewing smartphones.

“I even got sponsored by Samsung four or five years ago for its camera range. They would engage me for things like that. Slowly going forward, I started getting travel opportunities with AirAsia or Tourism Malaysia.”

What is your view of bloggers who are only interested in freebies?

“Not to be judgemental, but there are bloggers who knock from door to door asking for things. When their requests are not fulfilled, they spread [negative reports] about the merchants. For me, when the merchant comes to me they come on their own free will. They know the value I can bring to them.”

“When it comes to beauty products I only review mild skin care products because of my delicate skin. How can I share information about a product with others if my own skin can’t take it?”

What is your favourite subject to write about?

“My personal favourite is travelogues, although they are very time consuming. It can easily take up to six or seven hours for one blog post. But I find it the most satisfying. I get a lot of messages from people asking for more details, and this is where the satisfaction comes from, to know that someone is reading your blog.”

Were you an avid traveller before you started blogging?

“Actually I did not do much travelling when I was younger. Even though I live in Kuala Lumpur, I hardly visit shopping malls to check out new stuff.

“Back in secondary school I was into photography. I was the lead photographer in our editorial board.”

How many countries have you visited since starting the blog?

“I think I have visited more than ten countries. On my own, I mostly travel around neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong and also around Malaysia. There are different attractions in different countries.

“Although I am a city girl, I don’t like exploring the cities of the countries I visit. I like going to historical and cultural places, like Siem Reap in Cambodia.”

When are you able to travel?

“Because I have a full-time job, I only choose to travel on extended public holidays, or maybe year end [holidays].”

What is the most common misconception people have of you?

“People seem to think I am living the high life, enjoying great food and travelling, but they don’t see the hard part, in which I have to write about what I have experienced.

“I also have to juggle that with my real job, which I need to pay the bills.”

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