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His easy vocals and guy next door appeal are powering the rise through social media of this new star

11 May 2021 / 11:08 H.

IN the age of social media, it is hard to believe there is no short cut to fame and success. A galaxy of new celebrities – artists, performers and influencers – has become household names with the savvy use of interactive platforms. Adam Izzy is one of the breakout artists who is taking this circuit to stardom.

He started out as a back-up singer in a friend’s band. After leaving the outfit, Izzy chanced upon social media.

“I really wanted to make covers online but no one was willing to spend time producing music for an unknown kid.’’

Izzy spent RM1,000 on music equipment he had absolutely no idea how to use. “But I slowly learned how and grew a fondness for creating music and content.”

Today, Izzy has four singles under his belt, performed on renowned platforms and successfully built a massive following on social media.

Izzy takes inspiration for his music from R&B artistes like Usher and Chris Brown.
Izzy takes inspiration for his music from R&B artistes like Usher and Chris Brown.

How has your journey been like so far in the industry? Has it been smooth sailing or a difficult one?

It has been great! However, I still do not think I am good enough. That is just the truth of it. We all receive criticism, and while it should not make you give up, it does sometimes make you consider quitting. I have been told I am not good enough constantly over the years.

So, for me, the biggest struggle is believing in myself enough to not stop progressing forward.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, Menanti?

I was channelling the emotions I had during a one-year breakup with my fiance. Hence why it is my most personal song to date.

The song speaks of a promise to a lover to await their return forever, even if the relationship was far from perfect.

As I finished the demo, I sent it to Mimifly and she loved it! Two sessions in the studio together, and bam! We had what you now hear as the full track. Though Covid-19 has made it difficult to promote the song, we both are very proud of what we have created.

As a content creator, are you worried about the pressures of standing out among the rest?

I believe every creator goes through this, regardless of the craft, and I have learned to simply be true to myself. Through experience, I have learned that I am not able to portray a “cool persona”. That is just not me and if being goofy and relatable as the guy next door is who I really am, then that is what is going to set me aside from other creators out there.

As long as I am doing what I truly love and entertaining my audience as who I genuinely am, the results and the critics don’t matter. Or at least that is what I tell myself.

Apart from releasing original songs, you are also known for your covers. How do you always add in your element while staying loyal to the original version?

The method I use to approach any cover, is by asking myself: How would I have sung it if this was my own original song?

Then I start producing the instrumental the way I would have envisioned it, even if the genre of the original song is far from my usual trap-styled productions, and then I try my best to sing it as Adam Izzy.

In the past, I have fallen into the trap of trying to sing like the original artist. But now I go by my motto: If they wanted the original style, they would have just gone to the original singer. So now I make it my mission to offer something fresh to the listeners.

Are you more comfortable singing in Malay or English?

I grew up in an English-speaking household, so even though I went to a Chinese school, English will always be my main language. BM, however, was never foreign to me either, as my best friend, Danial from high school is Malay. Even to this day, he teaches me to write and speak the language better. I suppose you can say I owe my fluency in BM to him.

What are your plans for the future? An album maybe?

It is definitely on my mind, but in today’s world, an album does not mean what it used to anymore. No longer, do listeners listen to the whole work. So perhaps I will focus more on singles instead. I definitely want to further develop my sound. I want to make music that I would listen to myself, and be less afraid of putting out art that might not sell.

$!Prior to becoming an artist and content creator, Izzy worked as a radio announcer at Hitz. – PHOTO COURTESY OF MATTHEW TONG
Prior to becoming an artist and content creator, Izzy worked as a radio announcer at Hitz. – PHOTO COURTESY OF MATTHEW TONG

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