Baby food made easy

15 Jan 2019 / 10:58 H.

A NUTRITIOUS diet is very important to an infant’s growth. However, caring for a baby while working and doing house chores can sap the energy of any parent.

Fortunately, baby porridge maker specialist Khind is here to ease at least one of your burdens.

The 1.2-litre Khind Baby Porridge Cooker BP 12 is a great helper to ensure your baby gets adequate nutrients despite your busy schedule. The cooker comes with an inner pot made of high quality ceramic with a glass lid.

Using the BP 12 is as easy as ABC. Just prepare the ingredients, choose from one of four different pre-programmed phases, and your baby’s porridge will be ready in two hours’ time.

Infants from four to six months are just beginning to eat, hence phase one will prepare watery porridge, while for infants aged six to eight months just learning to chew and swallow, phase two will produce less watery porridge.

Phase three will result in smooth puree porridge for infants from eight to 12 months old who are just developing their gastrointestinal digestion system.

And for infants aged one year and older, whose food requirements are just turning from semi-liquid to solid, a thick puree using phase four will be best to keep them fuller for longer.

The Baby Porridge Cooker BP 12 also has five pre-programmed porridge menus, namely the Seafood Porridge, Meat Porridge, Grain Porridge, Rice Porridge, and Ribs Porridge, with an automatic function to keep food warm for up to five hours.

Parents can also pre-set the cooking for up to nine hours and 59 minutes if they are unable to cook at the desired time.

Besides cooking baby porridge, BP 12 is also perfect for cooking up to three servings of dessert soup.

Another wonderful product in the series is the Khind Porridge Soup Cooker BPS 07.

With a high quality ceramic pot, and using the same concept as double boiling, the cooking process preserves the nutrients in the food.

This 0.7-litre cooker is also very convenient with its adjustable timer and pre-set timer up to nine-and-a-half hours. It comes with a high quality heating plate, thus it is energy saving and durable.

Both cookers in the Baby Series come with a one-year warranty.

If you notice that your baby can control his tongue and neck movements, or if he starts to make ‘munching’ movements, can sit up with minimal support, likes to put things in his mouth, and shows interest in what you are eating, then it’s high time you feed him more varieties of supplementary food.

Both cookers are available at major retail outlets. For more, visit or

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