Here are the negative and positive sides to understand if it’s really for you or not

YOUR hair removal method is definitely one aspect of your cosmetic routine that ranks rather highly. I’m sure most people have probably considered the procedure at some point in their lives. Women of all ages shave and wax for clean and smooth legs, armpits, faces and bikini lines. Men wax and shave their chests and backs for smooth, hairless skin. There are several hair removal choices, including epilators, body waxing, depilatory lotions or shaving, for those days when you need soft skin. Waxing is considered to be the most popular and reliable hair removal method, and offers both advantages and drawbacks.


-> Nourishment for the skin

There are a variety of other advantages to waxing. The ingredients used throughout the session act as potent cleansers and antioxidants. The skin also undergoes a light exfoliation procedure to clear the top layer. The skin receives protection, appropriate hydration, and a calming effect during waxing to minimise unneeded harm during the procedure.

-> No razor burn

Now this is the main point why waxing is a better option, at least, for me: you will not have to deal with razor burn, especially if you intend to remove hair from more sensitive areas of your body. Visible razor burn on the pubic area, for example, is nearly as unsightly as having small hairs poking out. This also applies to other parts of your body where you have sensitive skin, as waxing – which just removes hairs – is less irritating compared to shaving, which takes off the top layer of skin cells. Not to mention, it would be extremely uncomfortable should you experience ingrown hairs. Those itchy, small red spots can almost certainly be safely avoided by waxing.

-> Lasts longer

Most body parts may be treated with this method, which is regarded as a feasible, safe and efficient choice. Benefits from waxing frequently last longer than those from other temporary hair-removal techniques because it eliminates the hair from the root. Also, after a few waxing sessions, hair starts to grow back smoother and shorter. It is also quite effective at getting rid of short hairs.

-> Confidence

Lastly, the flexibility that comes with a complete waxing gives you confidence. When you do not worry about unpleasant and unsightly hair obstructing your path, you will feel a lot more at ease sliding into that little swimsuit you have been saving for a great swimming day.

$!Shaving can cause inflamed hair follicles and ingrown hairs. –123RF


-> Pain

Obviously, the primary drawback is pain, as everyone is aware. Each hair is taken out of every own follicle during the waxing procedure. In fact, they are pulling hundreds of hairs off your skin at a time. It stings a little, as you can obviously guess. Even if you eventually grow used to it, the discomfort of pulling the hair out of the skin is still there, especially in sensitive spots.

-> Time

There is no denying that shaving takes less time, and it also offers the benefit of being able to use your razor whenever you need to. While waxing does take a bit longer and requires more preparation. Depending on your choice, waxing takes a long time, especially if you want to do your entire body. Not only do you need to clear your schedule so you can concentrate on your waxing session, but if you choose to walk-in, there is a high possibility you may have to wait for hours for an appointment.

-> Bumps and mild bleeding

The waxed region may become bumpy after yanking on the pores. Bumps often go away by themselves after a few days, but using aloe vera can help the skin recover more quickly. Another frequent side effect – especially for those waxing the thin skin on their faces – is bleeding, which is obviously alarming for some people. As long as the bleeding is minor, it should stop fairly soon, and leave you with no cause for alarm, or long-term scarring.

-> Can lead to infections

Waxing is not a very clean or secure procedure, and can occasionally cause itchiness, skin burns, and even allergic reactions. In severe circumstances, ingrown hairs can result in breakouts. It is important to make sure you immediately consult a doctor to prevent this situation.

-> Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs may still be an issue. Our skin can occasionally grow over, preventing the hair from moving up and out of the follicle. Using body scrubs consisting of sea salt or sugar, or exfoliating with mitts will help get rid of dead skin so that the hair does not become tangled.

In additon, waxing definitely has several perks. Although it may be uncomfortable, waxing can help to exfoliate and soften your sensitive parts. Despite these advantages, some people may be unable to withstand the discomfort, which is quite acceptable. Simply consider your requirements before selecting to wax. You never know if something is perfect for you unless you try it.