The brand-new Glade Aromatherapy cool mist electric diffuser and reed diffuser series will heighten your senses with a fragrance that is imbued with a special dual combination of essential oils. These house aromas, masterfully created by skilled Aromachologists, fill the air to inspire, energise, or relax.

The essential oils are made without parabens, phthalates, nitro musks, colours, or dyes and can be linked to their place of origin, giving consumers added peace of mind. Additionally, the packaging is constructed sustainably with FSC-certified recycled board to lessen its impact on the environment.

The three fragrance selections were blended with transparency and authenticity in mind to allow aromatherapy lovers to breathe in without worry.

Moment of Zen is a dual blend of French lavender and velvety Australian sandalwood to create a calming pocket of tranquilly to help you wind down and take in your surroundings. Known for its calming properties, lavender is one of the most well-known and frequently utilised scents in aromatherapy, whereas Sandalwood is commonly used during meditations.

Lift your spirits with a dual blend of Brazilian orange and North African neroli blossom with Pure Happiness. The fruity-floral scent that lingers subtly is made with zingy orange to brighten your mood and sweet and honeyed refreshing Neroli. The citrus and zesty smell is known to reduce stress and is often associated with happiness and joy.

And lastly, to calm your mind, Glade Aromatherapy has created the aptly named Calm Mind, which is a clarifying dual blend of Italian bergamot and Guatemalan lemongrass. Citrusy and faintly flowery fragrant bergamot blends with Lemongrass which is adored for its signature grassy and earthy aroma to create the perfect duo to infuse your home with cool freshness and an inviting atmosphere.

To complement any living space by adding a touch of understated style, Glade Aromatherapy has also designed two different types of diffusers: The Cool Mist Electric Diffuser and the Reed Diffuser.

If you’re unsure of which fragrance to choose, you can find out which Glade Aromatherapy scent will best suit your house by taking their fragrance finder quiz!

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