Take your visual communication skills to the next level with Canva, and create professional content with just one platform

FOR the majority of graphic designers, Adobe’s Creative Cloud service has been the de facto standard in graphic design for the longest time. However, those softwares require artistic and technical skills to unlock their full potential, which is one of the reasons that many do not end up picking it up.

Founded in 2013, Canva is an Australian graphic design platform that allowed users to create their own designs with just a click and allowed people to design without much technical skills. The free-to-use platform offers templates that made it accessible for many, and this is the reason so many flocked towards it.

In 2021, Canva launched a video editing tool, and just recently announced its intention to compete with Google and Microsoft in the office software category, with website and whiteboard products.

The 2022 Canva Create event was held on Sept 15, where the company unveiled Canva Docs, Canva Websites, Canva Whiteboards, and new features for Canva Video, Canva Presentations, and Canva Print.

Canva Docs

The Beta for Canva Docs is launching later this year, so you’ll need to join a waitlist to get a feel for the program. For Docs, Canva promises tools you know and love, combined with familiar text editing and formatting options, plus a range of new features designed to maximise productivity and collaboration.

Putting accessible design first, Docs has a drag-and-drop editor and hassle-free data visualisation tools to make your data beautiful and easy to digest.

You can also share your work with interactive features just like a website, down to tracking engagement, with Design Insights.

Canva Docs boasts built-in analytics that allows you to see how your audience interacts with your Doc. Besides that, you’ll always be on your toes because you can also turn your Docs into Decks for presentations in just a couple of clicks.

The stylish new word processing tool also allows users to embed other Canva projects into their documents, such as presentations, videos, and even digital whiteboards, so now you won’t have to switch between apps to edit anything.

$!Make a one-page Canva Website in a matter of minutes.

Canva Websites

Clunky coding, uneditable web designs, and costly website hosting are now a thing of the past. With the launch of Canva Websites, you can make a one-page Canva Website in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve ever needed a marketing landing page, a team resource hub, an event invitation, or a portfolio, their library of fully responsive templates does just that, and the greatest thing? No coding skills are needed.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling around attempting to resize a website on your phone.

Canva also knows how important personalisation is to one’s website, so now you can instantly publish to the Internet with a free or existing domain, or purchase a brand new domain name through Canva once you’re ready to publish your website for the world to see.

Just like Canva Docs, Design Insights is also available for Canva websites, and you’ll also be able to turn documents, presentations, and even PDFs into straightforward, responsive, and interesting Canva Websites.

A one-page site is a great choice for a visually-focused website. Typically the format of choice for portfolios, event pages, and even online restaurant menus, a one-page site is easier to navigate, and increases user engagement, making it ideal for internal corporate communication pages.

As long as you keep your content interesting, you can be sure your intended audience will keep scrolling. Besides that, one-page sites are also more mobile-friendly and easier to maintain.

$!Canva Whiteboards is for people to jump in and add their thoughts.

Canva Whiteboards

Canva launched its new Whiteboards tool last month which allows you to collaboratively shape and explore your ideas and gives you an infinite canvas to do it on.

Just like a real-life whiteboard, Canva Whiteboards is made for people to jump in and add their thoughts.

Instead of a couple of people with markers, you can invite your whole team to brainstorm with you, and you’ll have access to Canva’s 100 million photos, illustrations, and videos to help map your ideas visually.

To simulate real-life whiteboarding, Whiteboards also provide sticky notes, synced timers, diagramming and flowchart tools, name-displaying cursors, and new workshop templates.

$!Remove the background from any video with just a click of a button.

Video, Presentations, and Print

For Canva Video, Canva announced a suite of new Video tools, and one of the community’s favourite features has been the one-click Background Remover.

With only a press of a button, you can remove the background from any video, eliminating the need for a green screen or complicated software and making it easier and more enjoyable to create professional-looking content.

They’ve also stepped up their animation, game with a range of new animation controls that allows you to adjust the type, speed, style, or direction of any animation.

$!Time your presentation perfectly in the timeline video editor.

For Presentations, you’ll be able to switch between storyboard-like thumbnails in the timeline video editor. That way, your music can be synced and timed perfectly.

$!Bring your designs to life with Canva’s Print catalogue.

With the new Canva Print catalogue, you’ll now be able to bring designs to life. Simply create your design and with the click of a button, your product will be delivered straight to your doorstep. And yes, that includes Malaysia. Print everything from hoodies to mugs, photo books, and even baby outfits.

The launch of Canva Visual Worksuite is exciting news for entrepreneurs, content creators, and side hustlers alike. If you are seeking new solutions to your design needs, it might be well worth checking out.