Book review: A Book of Bones

13 Nov 2019 / 10:01 H.

THIS is the 17th book in the critically-acclaimed Charlie Parker series, and author John Connolly has no plans to stop writing them. Combining mystery, crime and supernatural elements, these novels continue to fascinate fans.

Book of Bones picks up shortly after last year’s The Woman in the Woods. Parker, an ex-cop and bounty hunter turned fighter of evil forces, is called upon to help investigate the ritualistic murder of a woman in Phoenix, Arizona.

Soon other bodies start popping up across the world near sacred sites, all seemingly victims of ritual sacrifice.

Parker and his long-time allies Angel and Louis soon realise that these are all the doings of killer Pallida Mors, servant of the seemingly immortal Quayle, whom they tangled with previously as the latter was collecting the pages of The Fractured Atlas, a book believed to be able to open up a portal to another world.

It is up to the trio and their new ally, book expert Bob Johnston, to find a way to put a stop to Quayle’s plans.

There are many new characters in this book, and things may get a bit confusing at times due to so many names being mentioned. To add to that, one fan-favourite character is ailing, and this part will really trouble fans.

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