Book review: Blood in the Water

11 Mar 2020 / 11:13 H.

THIS thriller set in Boston showcases the gritty world of mob bosses, con artists and gangs, where allegiances are sometimes formed between law enforcement and criminals, either for convenience or for their own agenda.

Homeland Security agent, Kit Steel, is committed to avenge terrorism.

Nicknamed the Hunter for her intense sleuthing skills, Steel is very focused on Vincente Carpio, a ruthless and dangerous psychopath who wants the police to know he’s murdering Americans as revenge against the US soldiers who stormed his native village in El Salvador when he was a child and murdered his parents.

Carpio has killed both Steel’s husband and young son, among other victims, and Steel is determined to see him kept behind bars forever.

Calculating and manipulative, Carpio also has the backing of MS-13, an uber-dangerous international criminal gang.

To expand its reach, MS-13 turns its attention to Boston harbourmaster and union chief Cormack O’Connell, who controls the city’s waterfront. To reach O’Connell, MS-13 targets his 19-year-old daughter, Diamond.

Meanwhile, O’Connell narrowly survives a brutal attack on his bar, The Mariner. Complications arise when O’Connell believes he’s been betrayed by one of his crew, a young man, Buddy Cavanaugh, who is shocked to discover that he is the father of the unborn baby that Diamond is carrying.

Steel is one solid heroine in her fight to bring Carpio to justice, but the complicated O’Connell emerges as the most intriguing character here.

There are some interesting turns and twists in this cat-and-mouse game until it becomes apparent that there are much darker, far-reaching forces of evil at work, with far-reaching international repercussions.

What follows is a gripping heart-stopping, rollercoaster action-packed story with international terrorism at its core and family at its heart.

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