Book review: Camino Winds

26 Aug 2020 / 11:00 H.

WHEN Hurricane Leo threatens Florida’s Camino Island, the Governor issues an evacuation order. Most residents flee but, not Bruce Cable, leader of the resort island’s literary society and owner of Ray Books in downtown Santa Rosa.

A dozen people are killed by the storm, including Nelson Kerr, a political thriller writer and a friend of Bruce.

Bruce and his friends, ex-con crime writer J. Andrew Cobb and bookstore intern Nick Sutton find out that Nelson’s death is not caused by the storm as there are several mysterious blows to his head.

The discovery of Nelson’s unpublished final novel, concerning Medicare fraud, holds the key to his death. Believing the manuscript is fact posing as fiction, Bruce enlists the services of a security firm to infiltrate nursing homes. This effort leads to more murders, a cover-up, and an FBI operation to bring the book’s villains to justice.

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