Book review: Fugitive 13

13 Nov 2019 / 09:55 H.

THIS is the second part of book two of the Sleeper 13 trilogy focusing on Aydin Torkal, who was one of 13 children given over to a terrorist cell and trained to become living weapons.

In the previous book, a now-adult Aydin decided to break away from his captors and take revenge upon those who kidnapped him, while also being pursued by his former ‘brothers’, as well as MI5.

Aydin’s only ally while he is on the run is MI5 agent Rachel Cox, who believes his story that he is not an enemy in the ongoing war against terror.

But when a coded message arrives from Aydin, warning her not to trust her own colleagues, Rachel must make a choice between her career and the truth.

Meanwhile, Aydin’s search for revenge gets personal as he also searches for the reasons why his father agreed to hand him over to be trained into a killer. At the same time, unbeknownst to him, his twin sister Nilay wants to know what happened to her brother and father all those years ago.

As with the first book, this story is very apt for the world today. The action covers the Middle East, and features ISIS, other Islamist factions and refugee camps.

The pace is always quick, as Aydin must constantly be on the move to stay alive.But will Aydin be able to find out the truth before he is caught or killed?

A page turner from the beginning to the explosive finale, author Rob Sinclair keeps the readers on the edge with his great storytelling.

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