Book review: Ghost

15 May 2019 / 10:45 H.

THIS high-octane thriller by James Swallow features ex-MI6 agent Marc Dane, a computer geek and hacker extraordinaire working together with the Rubicon Group.

The conglomerate is owned by African billionaire Ekko Solomon, who is on a mission to fight cyber threats that nation states are either unwilling or unable to handle themselves.

Working undercover, Marc’s missions have taken him into the darkest corners of the web, but this might be his most terrifying case yet.

Lex Wetherby, a member of a covert group of hackers called Ghost5, is assassinated in Malta.

Marc and team-mate Kara Wei are recalled from France where they are tracking a woman linked to a shady hacking organisation called Combine.

A shocking betrayal soon follows, and it triggers a deadly pursuit across a digital battlefield. The target is a ruthless terrorist fuelled by revenge.

As devastating attacks unfold across the world, Marc, aided by sniper Lucy Keyes, must track down the person behind it all – a faceless, power-hungry criminal known only as Madrigal.

Ghost​ offers a driven and determined antagonist using the digital world to manipulate the physical world.

Marc and Rubicon have to fence off an enemy as tech-savvy and well-equipped as themselves.

Swallow keeps the action going from the get-go with lots of twists and turns to keep the stakes high for both sides.

The result is a fast-paced, high-octane, jet-setting spy adventure that deals with global threats in the form of internet espionage.

Moving from location to location to keep the momentum going, host​offers everything readers would look for in a modern thriller.

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