Book review: Head Hunters

09 Jan 2019 / 12:05 H.

THE sixth book in the Danny Black series by Chris Ryan offers yet another thrilling and exciting adventure of the top-secret SAS agent Danny Black in Afghanistan.

This time around, the Regiment is beset by a mysterious run of suicides.

Danny becomes part of the SAS hit squad, headed by his former nemesis Tony Wiseman, to seek out and eliminate high-value Taliban leaders.

He soon learns that the Taliban militants are not his only problem. There are elements within the British Army who want to bring the SAS to book.

And there are also elements within the SAS who have their crosshairs on Danny himself.

Unknown to Danny, he has been set up by Tony and his men for a war crime during a black ops in Afghanistan.

Danny manages to escape from the hospital where he has been taken to be treated and held, after getting injured during the mission.

He then finds himself hunted in a brutal, dangerous terrain where his wits, training and strength may not be enough to help him survive the ordeal.

And in a world where his enemies are closer than he could have imagined, Danny must do whatever it takes to get to the truth. If he fails, it will mean the end not only for him, but of the SAS itself.

Head Hunters starts off slow but once the story gets into action, the excitement picks up and grips you as you join Danny in his attempt to prove his innocence.

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