Book review: Malaysian Murders and Mysteries: A Century of Shocking Cases...

04 Dec 2019 / 11:15 H.

THE authors are both veteran journalists who over the years have collectively written on a wide variety of topics ranging from music, politics and crime.

They also covered some of the cases featured in this book. The cases they feature range from the slaying of J.W. Birch (as written in the chapter A Resident in the Outhouse), murder mysteries (The Slaying of a Beauty Queen, The Najadi Slaying, The Mystery of the Mongolian Tragedy), mysterious disappearances (The Missing Plane, The Pastor’s Abduction) and other vicious crimes that will make your blood boil.

Each one of the 42 chapters is short, and written in manner that is easy to read.

The book also contains views of historians (such as the late Professor Khoo Kay Kim) and prominent lawyers (such as the late Karpal Singh) who add more insight to the topics they are discussing.

Cases date as far back as 1875, all the way to 2019. This is a good book for those who are into this genre and more so because it covers cases that impacted Malaysian society in one way or another.

Some cases involved prominent politicians, some were cover ups, and some essentially were crimes of passion.

In fact, some of these chapters deserve a book of their own.

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