Book review: Nine Perfect Strangers

04 Dec 2019 / 11:13 H.

BY K.K. Wong

NINE strangers convene at Tranquillum House, a health-and-wellness resort in the middle of nowhere. And with their phones and cars confiscated, they have no way of contacting the outside world.

Being told that nobody leaves early, or not to do anything they are not comfortable with, sounds ominous and perhaps is an inkling of the ‘horrors’ ahead.

They have to place their absolute trust in the people in charge of changing them for the better. But they reassure themselves that whatever comes, it’s only for 10 days. Surely they can survive the duration of the treatment.

What they don’t know is that they are about to undergo a new procedure dreamed up by the resort’s director, a woman on a mission – and quite a different one from what any of the guests might have imagined.

The nine strangers are soon forced together by circumstances, and must rely on each other if they want to survive their very expensive and exclusive 10-day ‘cleanse’.

Author Moriarty slips in each character’s colourful background seemlessly and fleshes out the whole scenario, making for a rather good read.

There are also plenty of witty and humorous one-liners to keep you chuckling as you followed each of their trials and tribulations at the resort.

And if you’re wondering whether the extreme measures the director of the resort adopted work for her reluctant guests? All loose ends are tied up nicely and, overall, there is an optimistic view here.

All stressed out city dwellers who want to drop their literal and mental baggage should try going to a spa resort. Or if you can’t, then Nine Perfect Strangers would be a good substitute.

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