FAMILY always comes first for Diana Davis until a tragedy happens. As the head of the family business after the death of her husband, an infamous bank robber, she finds herself a woman in a man’s world.

Meanwhile, her only son, Angus, who is a natural born villain, needs to earn Diana’s trust before she will let him join the family business.

Once Augus has proved that he has the brains to run their clubs in Marbella, he is given what he’s always wanted. And it’s the beginning of a reign of terror that knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, Angus has a weakness – he loves his wife, Lorna, and their three kids, Angus Junior, Sean and Eilish. And as the next generation joins the family business, Angus finds himself faced with a painful truth.

Even when it comes to family, he must show no mercy.

An interesting read, with some unexpected twists that author Martina Cole is well-known for in her books.