Book review: Roar

10 Jul 2019 / 11:54 H.


THIS collection of stories by author Ahern is a captivating read, although your mileage may vary regarding its impact.

The book’s subtitle boldly announces it as containing “a story for every woman”, and the stories in question certainly do try to focus on as many individuals and themes as possible.

The 30 stories within essentially act as chapters, each title beginning with “The Woman who ...”

I found some stories that spoke to me and made me want to continue reading. Unfortunately, the overall book was a rather mixed bag, though the cultural and gender diversity of the topics featured in the book are definitely compelling.

Ahern’s stories focus on the themes of motherhood, insecurities and pressure.

Some of the issues here are things that most women can relate to: the feeling that your body doesn’t obey you any more, forsaking your dreams for the sake of your family, feeling less than an individual after struggling to prove yourself in a male-dominated world, and so on.

The stories are written in Ahern’s unique style, slightly fantastical and ethereal, but it is clear that she is adept at tackling certain topics more than others.

Some of the stories suffer from being grossly overwritten, and a few of them were – dare I say it? – rather boring.

However, the good thing about this being a collection of stories is that you can be selective. You will find a majority of them to be very moving and beautiful.

And no matter what opinion you may have on topics like feminism and gender issues, there is something here for everyone to relate to.

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