Book review: The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human

THIS is a four year quest by book editor Richards to find a diverse collection of shorts stories that capture the diversity of the modern Muslim world in hopes of bridging the divide that exist between them and the non Muslim world.

Most of the writers are new and hence there is a certain degree of freshness in this collection.

There is the supernatural Caged Angel where two Yemenis discover more than they bargained for; the hopeful Islam and the End of the World; a soldier now coping with being a refugee in All for a Worthless Man; a young Bangladeshi-American trying to convince her father of her choice of a boyfriend in The Unbeliever; and Siren Songs explores a sexual awakening in a conservative world.

A good collection of stories and highly recommended.

While these stories may be an eye-opener for certain people, it actually reminds us that we are all somewhat the same.