Book review: Very Nice

12 Aug 2020 / 09:31 H.

If you like light reading then this book will tick all your boxes. Marcy Dermansky’s fourth novel is set in the world of rich people in nice homes with an added dash of sex and intrigue.

College girl Rachel, returns home to Connecticut for summer vacation. Her father has left her mother, Becca.

However the loss of her dog seems to bother Becca more than life without her long-time spouse.

When Rachel’s professor, Zahid, whom she had a fling with, turns up unexpectedly at her home, things get a little steamy.

Zahid seems to become attracted to Becca who seems to be the perfect type of woman he should be with.

The story is told from the point of view of different narrators – Becca, Rachel and Zahid, as well as Becca’s estranged husband, Jonathan, and Khloe, who works for Jonathan.

Some of the sub plots are a bit boring but the book ends on the right note without being over-the-top.

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