Book review: Well Behaved Indian Women

DEBUT author Saumya’s story spans three generations, each carrying the burden that society and family has inflicted upon them.

Simran Mehta feels judged by her mother Nandini who doesn’t think highly of her desire to be a writer. But when a charismatic seasoned journalist enters her life, Simran begins to question her future as a psychologist and her engagement to a man the family approves of.

Nandini has done everything she can to ensure her family has a good life in America and that includes dealing with demanding in-laws and putting up with causal racism at work. She only now realises that there is no such thing as the perfect Indian woman, and in striving to be one, she has lost herself.

Mimi Kadakia carries her own burden and feels like she failed her daughter Nandini. Now she needs to be the bridge that brings her daughter and granddaughter together. This is an interesting story on how we often forget to live for ourselves.