Book review: Brief Answers to the Big Questions

12 Dec 2018 / 11:38 H.

THIS is the final book from Stephen Hawking who leaves us with his final thoughts on the universe’s biggest questions.

With a forward by actor Eddie Redmayne who won an Academy Award for playing Hawking in The Theory Of Everything (a movie Hawking liked, but wished contained more physics and less drama), and an introduction by an old associate Professor Kip S. Thorne, who shared valuable insights and information about his old friend, we get another perspective of this great man.

In this book Hawking discussed a variety of ‘big questions’.

Among them are his beliefs about the existence of God, how did the universe begin, what is inside a black hole, is it possible to travel through time, his views on artificial intelligence, and also if there is a need to colonise space.

The afterword by his daughter Lucy is especially poignant, as she shares with us life with Hawking the father, and not just the brilliant cosmologist that we know.

Hawking openly admits that one of the things that got him fired up early in his life was finding out that he did not have long to live.

He defied the odds, contributed greatly to seconds but in a way reminds us that life is too precious to sit around and do nothing.


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