In a capsule

08 Jul 2020 / 11:21 H.

Title: I Made A Mistake

Author: Jane Corry

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Married woman Poppy Page is a successful businesswoman who runs a casting agency for TV show extras.

A mother of two girls, a wife and also with a great mother-in-law, Poppy’s life seems perfect until her old flame Matthew Gordon shows up after more than 20 years.

Though alarm bells ring, Poppy succumbs to nostalgia and they spend the night together. That one mistake costs Poppy dearly as everything she has worked so hard for is about to fall apart and someone is going to lose their life over it.

This psychological thriller cum family drama is full of twists that will keep you riveted.

In a capsule

Title: Rules For Perfect Murders

Author: Peter Swanson

Publisher: Faber Books

The story has an unlikely hero in Malcolm Kershaw who runs a bookstore in Boston that specialises in mystery fiction. One day he is contacted by an FBI agent who tells him that the FBI suspects that a killer is using a blog that Malcolm wrote years ago on eight “perfect” murders in works of fiction as the inspiration for his spree.

Fans of writers such as Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith and other legendary mystery writers will get a kick out of this story. As Malcolm and the FBI race against the clock, Malcolm tries to crack the case by wondering how his favourite author would approach the case.

This is essentially a fish out of water story with a man who lives vicariously through his books trying to wrap his head around real crimes committed by a real killer.

In a capsule

Title: All The Rage

Author: Cara Hunter

Publisher: Penguin Books

This thriller begins with a teenage girl found wandering outside Oxford in a state of confusion and distress.

Turns out she was grabbed off the street, had a plastic bag put over her head and then driven to a remote location where all evidence indicates that she was assaulted.

However the girl refuses to press charges against the person or persons responsible. DI Fawley tries to find out what really happened to the girl but she refuses to tell him more. The case seems familiar to Fawley and things get tense when another girl disappears. Fawley has to get to the bottom of this case before the newest victim turns up dead.

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