Movie review: Frozen 2

22 Nov 2019 / 09:17 H.

SIX years may be a long wait for fans of Frozen (2013), and it does not help that expectations are high considering Frozen was the highest grossing animated film of all time, before The Lion King (2019) dethroned it.

To be fair, this movie does attempt to answer a few questions, such as the origins of Elsa’s powers and where her parents were heading when they got lost at sea.

The story begins with a young Elsa and Anna being told a story by their father (Alfred Molina) about the tragic events that led him to become King of Arendelle overnight.

Their mother Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood) then comforts them with a song about a magical river.

Flash forward a few years after the events in Frozen, we learn that Anna (Bell) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) are now a couple, and Olaf the snowman (Gad) is still with them courtesy of Elsa’s (Menzel) magic.

Out of the blue, Elsa starts hearing a mysterious voice calling to her, and when she responds, it leads to events that force the evacuation of Arendelle.

The troll king (Ciaran Hinds) arrives and warns the sisters that the past is not what it seems, and that they need to seek the truth in order to save their kingdom.

So off go our fearless foursome –with reindeer Sven in tow – to find the mysterious forest their father spoke about years ago and unlock a hidden secret.

There are more laughs in this movie, with Olaf stealing every scene. Elsa has her big number, but it is not as memorable as Let It Go.

There is also a message about protecting nature (which is timely), and a few new characters.

At a little more than 90 minutes long, the movie is short but packs a lot in terms of a main story and sub-plots. There is also a post-credit scene fans won’t want to miss.

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