Movie review: Toy Story 4

21 Jun 2019 / 09:48 H.

WHEN the first Toy Story came out 24 years ago, its story about the adventures of Andy’s favourite toys, which came to life when no one was around, became such a hit that it spawned two sequels.

Nine years after Toy Story 3, the adventures of pull-string cowboy sheriff Woody (voiced by Hanks) and space adventurer Buzz Lightyear (Allen), as well as the other toys, continue once more.

A lot of hard work and talent (including screenwriters credit for actress Rashida Jones, director Stanton and former Pixar boss John Lasseter) has gone into ensuring this fourth outing of Toy Story is able to resonate with audiences.

The storyline has Woody finding himself sidelined by new owner Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw) who seems to prefer playing with the other toys.

Still, Woody is determined to make sure Bonnie will be okay on her first day at pre-school.

Against the advice of the other toys, he sneaks into her backpack and follows her to pre-school where he inadvertently helps her make a toy she called Forky (Tony Hale).

Like Buzz in the first movie, there are teething problems with Forky who thinks he is trash not toy. When Forky jumps out the car window during a family cross country trip, Woody goes after him.

While trying to unite with Bonnie and her parents in the next town, Woody sees something from his past in the window of a second-hand antique store.

Inside, he and Forky run into the sinister doll Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendricks) and her creepy ventriloquist dummies.

Woody escapes but Gabby Gabby holds Forky hostage.

At a nearby fairground, Woody meets his old friend-cum-love interest Bo Peep (Potts) who is now living free with other toys discarded by their owners.

The rest of the story is about getting Forky back to Bonnie (with Buzz and the other toys resorting to sabotage in order to stop her and her parents from leaving) and Woody coming to a very important realisation about himself.

A lot has been said about Keanu Reeves giving voice to Duke, a Canadian Daredevil toy, and the actor lives up to the hype as Duke is one hilarious scene-stealer.

This is a brilliant movie. And despite one chapter closing with this story, there is potential for a new chapter in the future.

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