SHINee returns with the genre bending Don’t Call Me

01 Mar 2021 / 12:05 H.

After a three-year hiatus, the four-member band, SHINee has finally made its much anticipated comeback.

Returning with their seventh studio album, Don’t Call Me, SHINee ushers in their new era with a whole brand new sound. Unlike their previous releases, this project marks their first album that features no contribution from their late member, Jonghyun.

Kicking things off, the nine-track album starts with the title track, Don’t Call Me. This upbeat banger sees the group exploring the sounds of hip-hop, trap and EDM.

Seeing from their debut
single, Replay to their hit single, Lucifer, it’s clear that the quartet has matured since their early years. In this track in particular, we hear
them not only push their music limitations but also their lyrical approach.

In fact, Don’t Call Me may possibly be their most daring song lyrically to date. Contrary to the libretto of their early tunes like Replay or In My Room, the thrilling tune captures the intense emotions that comes with a toxic relationship – a topic that was not explored previously in their discography.

In the chorus, we even hear them addressing the ex-lover to stay away; “I’m no longer your love. Erase it, forget about me please, I don’t know you, so don’t call me.”

Its accompanying music video does a good job in supporting the message of the tune. The styling of the members is striking and the choreography is entertaining.

Having said that, the album also has an abudance of happiness and romanticism to offer. With tracks like Kiss Kiss and Attention, the band sings of love in the trendy sounds of synthpop.

Its chilling rhythm and smooth transition will even be a reminisce to the likes of current pop stars such as Lauv, HONNE and BTS.

This transition was definitely refreshing to hear as the genre really blended well with their voices. As a matter of fact, their well immersed voices in the infectious upbeat tune screams for it to be commercially released as a single.

Nevertheless, I felt the album could have been more complete if there were additional songs.

With the current playlist, the narrative to the album feels a little incomplete and impersonal. Therefore, the upbeat element to the album prevented it from having more emotional connection.

Regardless, the album is indeed a great work of art. With its contemporary killer tracks, it served well as a comeback album.

The wait was definitely worth

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