Taking control with new brand identity and campaign

04 Dec 2018 / 14:14 H.

TRANSITIONS LENSES came out with a new brand identity and campaign this year to interest new lens wearers, as well as attract a younger generation of single-vision wearers to the photochromic lens category.

The company is aiming to create a desire for its products through its new Light Under Control consumer advertising campaign that highlights its new visual identity, Transitions brand logo, and Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses tagline.

“People’s eyes are precious, yet optimum vision in all light situations is a challenge,” said Transitions Lenses photochromics president Chrystel Barranger.

“Our Light Under Control campaign aims to bring new wearers into the photochromic category by showcasing how relevant our lenses are for the fast-paced lives that people live today.

“Our light intelligent lenses allow them to live a hassle-free life, with ultimate light protection always.”

The direction for the overall brand rejuvenation is inspired by research showing that 87% of eyeglass wearers report being sensitive to light.

The campaign will emphasise a renewed focus on light – on how we need it, embrace it, as well as be protected from its harmful elements.

The campaign features a new diagonal split design created to evoke a familiar feeling of swiping on mobile phones, that simulates the filtering technology of Transitions lenses as we move through the day under different light conditions.

The campaign will incorporate innovative digital measures to reach younger wearers in places where they consume media most heavily.

“Helping people manage light has always been at the centre of our product innovation. We know that people who wear our product love it, as shown by our 89% global repurchase rate,” added Barranger.

“It’s time to create desire among consumers for lenses that protect them while enjoying a hassle-free lifestyle.”

Visit Transitions.com, or light-undercontrol.com

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