A beautiful sight to behold

06 May 2019 / 11:35 H.

SAMSUNG’S Onyx Cinema LED screen is undeniably gorgeous. Its ability to display detailed videos with dark and light elements is unparalleled, and makes for a unique cinematic experience.

Currently, there are three of them in Malaysia, each owned and operated by three different cinema chains.

The third and latest Samsung Onyx screen is located at TGV Central i-City, and is also touted as the largest of its kind in the world!

The Samsung Onyx hall at TGV Central i-City offers a screen measuring 14 metres wide and five metres high.

The hall itself is another first, and conveys the cinematic scale and grandeur that I expect from a trip to the movies.

Its 162 seats are plush, and can recline at a push of a button. Armrests with cup holders flank each of the spacious seats. I also don’t think there is a single bad seat in the hall at all.

The Samsung Onyx hall is one of nine halls at TGV Cinemas Central i-City, a brand-new concept cinema that was opened on March 23.

Built as more than just a place to watch movies, it offers everything modern moviegoers would want. They can pick from a large selection of movie halls, ranging from the epic IMAX hall with its unbeatable screen size and sound system to the family-friendly halls that feature singalongs, live shows, and more.

For added convenience, moviegoers can also charge their phones at the cinema’s Chill*X thanks to tables with built-in wireless-charging pads provided by Samsung.

And for those looking to take home some premium official movie merchandise, The Royal Selangor retail store nearby carries a range of objects and figures from major movie and entertainment franchises.

This is what TGV Cinemas Central i-City deemed as the new standard in entertainment.

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