A moving tribute to dad

05 Aug 2019 / 11:17 H.

AIZAT AMDAN had no idea that the song he wrote with Mel Ramlan was going to hit so close to home.

Angin Lalu is about loss and how life is as fleeting as the wind. Five months after the song was released, Aizat lost his father.

Among Datuk Amdan Mat Din’s last wishes was for his son to perform with an orchestra.

As a tribute to his father, the singer-songwriter performed a stripped-down showcase where he sang Angin Lalu and other songs with a string quartet.

“I have always loved performing live. I thought, why not release Angin Lalu alongside a mini showcase for fans who appreciate live performances,” says Aizat (left), who first appeared in the music scene as a contestant in the fifth season of reality TV singing competition Akademi Fantasia.

The recording and video of the showcase, called Aizat Amdan: Live at The Theatre, were first released on Apple Music in four separate videos and five audio recordings. It is now available on other selected music platforms.

To the 30-year-old artiste, the showcase is more than just about the music.

“Apple Music focuses more on storytelling and not just music,” he explains. “I want my experience to reach people and inspire them, and I would like my story to be heard.”

Every one of the performers accompanying him during the showcase – from the cellist to the bassist, drummer, sound engineer and keyboardist – was a friend.

“I wanted my friends to join in,” adds Aizat, “friends [whom] I have been working with since I started doing music.”

He says he imagines his fans listening to Aizat Amdan: Live at The Theatre through their Bluetooth speakers, or in their car.

“Or you can just put on a pair of headphones and lie on your bed and listen to it that way. That’s the best way I think.

“It is a solitary experience. The sort of music with acoustics and strings and intimacy.”

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