New PlayStation 4 bundles releases

14 Jan 2019 / 11:49 H.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd Singapore Branch (SIES) recently announced two new PlayStation 4 bundles for the new year.

The PlayStation 4 Pro God of War Bundle (RM1,799) and the PlayStation 4 Pro Jet Black 2TB model have been available in Malaysia since last Friday, and are set to be on the wish lists of those who already own, or who happened to buy themselves a 4K TV last Christmas.

In the box, the PlayStation 4 Pro God of War Bundle comes with a Jet Black 1TB PS4 Pro console, a Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and a Blu-ray Disc version of the highly-praised PS4 exclusive title, God of War.

For fans of the PlayStation 4 who appreciate downloading and owning a digital library of games instead, there is the RM1,949 PlayStation 4 Pro Jet Black 2TB (CUH-7218C B01).

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 Pro Jet Black 2TB is your standard PlayStation 4 Pro, similar to the one in the PlayStation 4 Pro God of War Bundle, except that it comes installed with 2TB of storage for all those downloaded games.

This release comes as a bit of a surprise as it not only missed the holiday season, but arrived on the heels of rumours that Sony is working on the PlayStation 5.

In addition, SIES has also announced that the limited edition Kingdom Hearts III-themed PlayStation 4 Pro is coming to Malaysia at the end of the month.

Despite its name, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the 27th game in the very convoluted Kingdom Heart series of games which includes remasters, remakes, and companion releases.

However, it is the third game in the series with a whole number.

The game series is best known for mashing the big-eyed, often amnesia-stricken, and giant sword-plagued world of Final Fantasy with Disney-Pixar intellectual properties.

This latest entry in the series promises to be the final entry in the The Dark Seeker Saga, which began in 2002.

Labyrinthine action role-playing games aside, the PlayStation 4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition comes with a specially decorated PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) with 1TB HDD, a matching wireless controller (Dualshock 4), and the Blu-ray Disc English version of the game.

This limited edition set is available at video game stores and Sony stores nationwide on Jan 29 for RM2,049.

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