Selling more smartphones than ever

27 Nov 2019 / 11:27 H.

IN THE third quarter of 2019, some 387 million smartphones were sold worldwide, according to research published by Gartner.

This represents a decline of 0.4% in comparison to the same period in 2018. Samsung remains the market leader, however Huawei is also powering ahead.

The slowdown can in some part be explained by the fact that many users are opting for mid-range models, which last longer and do not need to be replaced as often as their predecessors. In addition to this, new smartphone purchases are also being postponed by people who are waiting for the release of more 5G compatible models.

In the third quarter, Samsung sold a little more than 79 million smartphones worldwide, which amounts to 5.7 million more than in the third quarter of 2018.

In spite of the diplomatic problems that are preventing it from selling new Android products, Huawei is doing well and has confirmed its second-place position in the market.

The Chinese company was the only top-5 ranked manufacturer to report a double-digit increase in sales (26%) in a slightly slowing market.

Not surprisingly, Huawei’s home turf in China was responsible for the bulk of this success, accounting for more than 40 million handsets from a total of 65 million sold.

Top 5 smartphone vendors worldwide in Q3 2019

1. Samsung, 79 million (20.4% market share)

2. Huawei, 65.8 million (17%)

3. Apple, 40.8 million (10.5%)

4. Xiaomi, 32.3 million (8.3%)

5. Oppo, 30.8 million (8%)


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