THAI authorities have decided to launch an investigation into the widespread online distribution of photos and videos of alcohol advertisements featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Earlier this week, Thailand-born Lisa was named the first female spokesperson for a well-known international Scotch whiskey brand. At the time, Lisa said that she was proud to have been chosen to represent the brand.

Thailand, a Buddhist country, bans alcohol advertising on all media platforms; therefore, the authorities are investigating those “who post and spread Lisa’s alcohol advertisement photos or videos on social media” within the country.

Considering that images and videos of Lisa promoting the brand have been shared by her Thai fans, this has caused some worry. Those found guilty of breaking the strict law may face a fine of 500,000 baht (approximately RM62,923), imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

There have also been questions on whether Lisa herself will face any legal action; however, considering that she is based outside of Thailand, the chances of that happening are rather slim.

Currently, both Lisa and her management have not made any offical comment about the situation.