The New Normal: Hans Isaac

20 May 2020 / 11:03 H.

What is your WFH routine like?

“I go to Finas once a week. We just spend 90 minutes in Finas to discuss important issues. Most of the time I will use video conferences to talk to my staff and my business partners. I never used video conferencing before the lockdown.

“My day usually starts with cleaning my house, followed by doing some exercises, then I will shower and immediately do my office work. I get the most important work done at the start of the morning.”

How does it differ from working in the office?

“I have been extremely busy. I have been abusing my body and mind chasing after goals. WFH gives me more time for myself.

“I have more time to exercise at home. I have a small gym in my house. I learnt to cook. I had never cooked before in my life. Usually I come home from the office very late, and I never get a chance to cook.

“I get all my recipes from YouTube. I use less oil and salt in my food. My body fat has dropped. I have lost my little belly. I have lost more than 5kg, and I am proud of that.”

Do you have a designated area in your home that functions as a workspace?

“In the past I never had a designated workspace in my home. I worked long hours in my office. When I came home, I just wanted to shut down and relax. My house was a separate entity from my work environment.

“Because of the lockdown, I have purposely created a workspace in my house. Once the lockdown is over, I will shut down my home office, and return my house to a place where I just relax and do not think about my work.”

Does it give you a better work-life balance?

“Yes, to a certain degree. I am enjoying cleaner air. Everyone is staying home and the factories are shut, so there is less pollution. The earth has time to rejuvenate itself. The sky is bluer than usual. For the first time in my life, I saw a deer in the backyard of my home. I can see places from my house that I could not see before.”

Has the lockdown affected your business?

“Of course it has. But I did not cut the salaries of my staff. This Raya I am still planning to give them a bonus. I still have reserves to maintain my business.”

Once the MCO period is over, is there a possibility of continuing to WFH for you and your team?

“I have to admit video conferences are shorter and more efficient. We rarely have small talk in our video conferences. But I prefer meeting my staff and business partners face-to-face. It has a more personal touch than video conferences. I like being in contact with people.”

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